The UNIÃO/VOPAK Armazéns Gerais Ltda. a Joint Venture between ULTRACARGO and VOPAK located in Paranaguá - PR, acting in the liquid bulk storage and carriage. Has the commitment to answer the quality, enviroment, healthy and safety demands, aiming to satisfy its clients, suppliers, employees, comunity and shareholders.

Through a proactive behavior and the legislation commitment, as well as the specified programs, the Company persuits continuously the upgrading of its processes, services, and the development of its employess.

  • Improve the communication channels between the company and its customers, employees, shareholders, and the community.

  • Improve its processes by means of technological upgrades.

  • Enhance its liquid bulk storage and transportation capacity in port operations.

  • Develop the employees.

  • Act preventively to protect the neighboring population by controlling effluents and creating alternatives to reduce the possibility of product spills and leakages.

  • Preserve employee and contractor physical integrity and health, preventing accidents and occupational injuries.